Monday, May 31, 2010

A Simple Brazilian Retreat

To celebrate the first of June (the unofficial start of summer), I wanted to share with you the exotic yet simplistic work of Brazilian architect, Marcio Kogan. Please do me a favor and imagine a night time pool party at one of these casually chic estates. Lengthy pools, inside/outside environments, ample palm trees and flawless lighting are all given features in any of Kogan's designs making his simple designs come alive. I actually used Kogan's Panama House (fifth image down)as a source of inspiration for my retail concept last studio class without realizing it was his work until I recently stumbled upon his website. I was immediately inspired by his open layouts, interesting choice of textured materials and the perfect balance of indoors/outdoors.

I say if the weather doesn't pick up within the next week, we should all rent out one of these places for the summer--I can't imagine one could ever have a worry if you were residing in one of Kogan's Brazilian creations!

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