Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Celebrity Sightings

Ahhh! I just got back from seeing John Mayer perform at Wembley Area and I literally am stuck in a dream. He was absolutely flawless. It was the perfect way to end my five month adventure in the UK. I am so giddy, I have been dying for the day I can finally see him live and I got the opportunity to do so in London--who would have thought?! Tomorrow I am handing in my final project and then trying to make down to Leicester Square to catch the SATC 2 premiere! The girls are in town and I hope I can see them in all their glory on the red carpet :) I am getting excited to see the movie downtown with my dearest friends Sunday...Can't believe tomorrow is really my last day. Good news though, I packed up everything with the help of 4 vacuum bags to save my life--Phew!! I'm calling it a night, talk to you all soon and some of you in person this weekend! XX

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