Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Homework Break

Images courtesy of Theory & Nordstrom

Today while I was waiting around all day at "uni" (what the Brit's call college haha) I happened to stop in Theory across the street and run my hands through the new summer collection, all of which I absolutely adored. I love how clean and sophisticated all their pieces are. They truly know how to convey timeless, effortless and chic style yet still be practical. All the pieces are of such high quality and versatile--needless to say I wanted everything!

I also browsed Nordstrom online while waiting to print my final project and was loving what I saw! I forgot how much I adore Michael Kors--he can do no wrong. In my personal opinion, he is one of the greatest American designers--his new camel coloured tote is absolute eye candy! I love that neutrals are in this season because I have slowly been switching my color palette over to more lighter, softer hues. I am getting excited to hit up Nordy's this weekend and visit my "other" home in Seattle. Now if only I still had my discount...

Only 2 Full days left in London...
2 Empty Suitcases...

(Already reminiscing my beloved Portobello Market)

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  1. Such great shoes!! (and clothes and MK handbags and and and haha)..
    Bummer you had to go home to Seattle in such miserable weather.. I'm down in Portland and am trapped under the blanket of rain too. Hopefully it clears up soon!

    Fun blog :)