Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Judging a Book By It's Cover

It's true! I totally do--I am a sucker for anything that catches my eye and usually will even overlook the back just because I like the cover so...With that said I probably won't have really read a Virgina Wolf book before but now that she has these wow-factor covers, I may take a second glance :)

Via Destined to Design


If your like me and haven't started realllllllly shopping yet then these gifts would be the perfect ones for you to give this christmas season! Already foolproof packaged & sure to please its really just a matter of "clicking and buying". 

If you are looking for more solo items, Terrace also has amazing stocking stuffers & hostess gifts already organized on the website for you. You really can't go wrong & I just got a bunch of ideas to add to my own christmas list :)


Thursday, December 8, 2011


The wanna-be graphic designer in me definitely just lost my cool when I stumbled this uber cool type templates on the September Industry. The designers at Hofstede Design actually use give these foolproof stencils out as gifts to potential clients. Now who would possibly say no to them after receiving these cool party favors? (Answer: no one).

Where I'll be This Weekend is Here...

staying here. I am so excited to go on a fun little Northwest roadtrip & get to see all the fabulous vendors Grace Bonney of Design*Sponge gathered to show their creations at Sandbox Studios. It shall be the quite the time! However, I'm already slightly stressing about what will be left of my bank account come Monday. I easily want one of every btwn water & wind's stunning leather goods

Are you any of you going to be going to this event as well? Happy (almost)weekend!


Different Perspective

I enjoy these poetic captures from Philaharmonik's photostream that take the everyday view into something phenomenal. I randomly stumbled across his flickrstream at work when I was searching for concrete and was delightfully surprised to find the rest of these along with what I was looking for.

A House of Books


Now it all makes sense. Why it makes sense I'm drawn to any book Taschen produces. It's because of this very fashionista who is behind all the beautiful images, breathtaking covers and pages and pages of beautiful photography in any subject you can imagine. Coffee table books are my downfall--and now Taschen does the same thing with her home that she does with her books--makes my knees weak!!  What a simply stunning space!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Rue Verte // Denmark

Discovered the lovely Rue Verte interior design services who also happen to have housewares, garments & other fine goods in their shop combined with their studio--genius!! As a strong believer that all design disciplines mix, this would be a dream come true to be a fashion/furniture buyer and still get to design space! I think I may have found my future calling...

Graphics Done Right

I like both of these mixed media layouts from the book Cutting Edges. The cover has always been a favorite of mine...

Monday, October 31, 2011

If it Looks right

it is right...

White walls just always feel right to me particularly when there is architectural details present. I am working on warming up to color again but it is a slow process still...

Images: One // Two // Three // Four


Yes! Scout & Catalogue has came out even more phenomenal crafted products and their look book is layers & layers of goodness! Surprise, surprise my favorite pouch has to be the one on the bottom right--perfect combination of cognac & my signature color pink! Add that to the xmas wish list :)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pattern Play

is completely infused in Wren's fall collection--as well as my favorite combinations of stripes, dainty patterns and of course a healthy dose of leopard. I'll take one of each!

Paris Please

I have always loved the FVF site but now that they're expanding into other European countries,(ie: the UK & France) I couldn't be more excited because that simply means more beautiful spaces for me to creep! 

Freunde Von Freunden does a delightful way of showcasing young professionals in their most natural of habitats--their own homes. My new favorite showcase is this darling, the mademoiselle herself, Julia Faure of Mademoiselle Communications...

She must be doing something right, check out her view from her living room--not...too...shabby!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Career Change

I now know what my career would be in another life--a chalkboard artist! The perfect combination of craft, fabulous typefaces, creativity & a lot of patience. And let me tell you, Dana Tanamachi has it down. Her work has been floating around the internet for awhile now but I absolutely love her work and I give her mad credit because I can't even imagine having to carefully erase on a chalkboard without smearing the rest of your hard work...But this girl has got it down, watch her delightful videos here.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ampersands are my No. 1's

as well as lovely floral interpretations of taxidermies composed by the lovely Australian artist, Kirra Jamison.

Fall's A Coming

This dress couldn't be more spot on (or should I say stripe? sorry bad joke...) for fall color palettes! I am absolutely digging the rust/navy combo and I applaud it every time I see it in great use! Get your shift on here...

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Avant Garde

There are no other words to describe these over-the-top glamourous creations over at Fenton then 'crazy/sexy/cool'. There's really nothing else out there right now that are on the same caliber as Fenton's jewelry. Quite frankly, all I want to do personally is to wear one of these along with a simple white teeblack cigarette pants