Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Match Made in Summer Heaven

Just discovered this super rad bike shop, Adeline Adeline, who also just so happened to design the newest bicycle for Kate Spade's lifestyle section. And these satchel bags just complete the timeless look at the Original Satchel Co...these 2 pieces alone will get you featured in the Sartorialist in heartbeat, guaranteed! Now go on and get your nostalgia on!


 Look at this mid-century inspired beauty in the Hamptons!! Can you believe it was built in the early 2000's and not straight out of the Bauhaus movement. The gridded curtain wall, open floor plan, half walls and that rectangular pool are all similar elements that were seen in the German Pavillion which was designed by the Bauhaus icon himself, Mies van de Rohe. This particular home is designed by architect, Michael Haverland who has designed some stunning residences all over New York. By the way did anyone notice the PINK Eames lounge chair in the second image? Now that's a unique spin on a classic piece! 

Monday, June 6, 2011


Just stumbled upon on this awesome site, "The Makers". Very like the idea of the Coveteur, who showcase established designers in their homes, the Makers showcases independent designers & artists in their studio spaces as well as beautiful photos of their hand-crafted products. These gorgeous light fixtures are custom created by Jean Pelle and her husband, who both studied architecture at Yale. They reminded me of this similar fixture I had posted not too long ago in this NYC Loft. If you want too see more of their pieces check out their online store here


As I enter an unsure phase of my life, it makes me excited for the endless possibilities my life might take me, my friend just sent me that quote and it was a great example of how I want to live my life. However, for now in this very moment, these very images are my inspiration for a happy-go-lucky Monday: 

Friday, June 3, 2011


Now this is INTERIOR DESIGN! Lately I have been lacking interior inspiration, I feel like so much of the focus has been on the smaller details that make up a space but the initial structural layout is being forgotten. The work of Rees Roberts is truly inspiring to me, with a minimalist approach but creates an instantly luxe look through materials, a strong open plan and blending the indoors with outdoors which makes me fall harder for the modern aesthetic! 

This well designed homes seems to celebrate Mies Van de Rohre (through use of luxe materials, open column layout and large picture windows) & Johnson's glass house. I can also see the large impact that midcentury modern design has on these projects through the furniture selection in all the homes, note the Jacobsen chairs around the dining room. 

Needless to say, Rees Robert has me inspired and further reminds me that simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication! 


Equipment Femme is coming out with some major cool product for the modern day woman with an updated take on an everyday blouse. With blush-neutrals color palettes, breezy fabrics and an unexpected prints that pop up every so often in the collection, each of these classically structured blouses would look equally good with a pencil skirt as they would a boyfriend jean, skinny or even high-waisted shorts! J'adore!

Thursday, June 2, 2011


How wonderful is Louisa Parris's studio space pictured above? She is native Brit who now resides in San Fran as a fashion designer. I love all her watercolor mix sheets and how she translates the medium's fluidity into her garments. You can see the direction connection between her art and her fashion collections. I feel like I could create some great designs if I too worked in her stunning studio.

*Images courtesy of Refinery 29

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I finally caught up on my reality TV last night and happened to catch the new Bravo show, "Million Dollar Decorators".  I couldn't believe that I heard of almost all the designers on the show and mostly because of being exposed to their work via blogging. 

Nonetheless, it was interesting to see into their daily lives as designers and to witness all the good and bad that comes along with doing high-end projects with high profile clients. My favorite project that was mentioned on the show, was in fact Tavern, designed by Jeffrey Alan Marks

This type of project is the exact kind I would love to design! I absolutely love the incredible daylight that accompanies the  elegant atmosphere, that is more inviting than ritzy. If I am ever in the LA area, I will most definitely have to swing by here, I could easily spend breakfast to dinner in this beautiful space and the pastries don't look half bad either...


Can you guess a) that this is actually a temporary "pop-up" store and b) what iconic French fashion house is being showcased? It is indeed, Chanel and what an updated interpretation of this timeless brand with fresh touches of glamourous gold tiling and mirrors versuses the usual B & W design style. Pop-up shops have been bursting on the retail design scene in the last year and are definitely here to stay for awhile. After all, look at this particular one, it definitely looks like it will be here for awhile! Keep the pop-up shops coming I say, it really gives brands a chance to step out of their comfort zone with design and try more adventurous interiors to showcase their product!