Monday, August 22, 2011

Out and About // Indian Summer

Photos from my family hike to Mt. Rainer this past Sunday. I was especially inspired from the Beauty & Bound exhibit at the SAM right now which showcases Pacific Northwest landscape paintings from the 19th & 20th century. I am excited to finally see the exhibit for myself next Thursday--plus it's the first Thursday of the month therefore it's free admittance (yay!)

PS This song is the perfect soundtrack to the beautiful Sunday we just had in the Northwest...Cheers!

Brighter Mondays

Mondays I always wake up a little too late and a little too groggy in the morning to really cohesively concoct a sensible ensemble. However, this week I am incredibly inspired by the fashionable ladies above that aren't afraid to mix texture and color--2 things that I sometimes try to ignore at 6 am...However, I will be trying extra hard this week to wake up a little bit earlier and a little more coherent to really try and step out of my comfort zone.With this said, a very Happy Monday to wherever you may be! 

PS: All of these wonderful images are found via my fabulous friend Alyssa's blog, Glam & Fashionable! She inspires me on the daily with her posts to push myself in both of those directions through her gorgeous images, love you darling!


Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Daintiest of Them All

A few things I rounded up that I found to be the quintessential example of dainty design.
Arm // Wrist // Mouth

Because I am missing the UK...

...and the fact that I am a big fan of concrete and daylight,comes this wonderfully modern and uplifting building. It just so happens that it is located in the neighborhood of Angel, which is actually  only a few blocks from my former neighborhood of Camdentown. 

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Noir + Blanc

These prints from Manjuzaka Gallery are the perfect proportion of 'moodiness' and would add the right amount of drama above a fireplace or for a more casual take, frame and stand on the floor of an office or living room. The price is right too.

Smart + Tasteful Pairings

"Some things are just better when they're together; a long train ride with a great book, a hot day and a cold drink, good barbecue and even better friends" - Apolis

I couldn't agree more with Apolis and especially can't argue with a well designed brand. They definitely came up with a unique concept to group items together according to lifestyle in which they call "Bundles". Since most of these items are geared for the male gender,I am perfectly content with the tastefully designed picnic carry-all which I would gladly sport around all day even after the fact...

Entertaining for the Modern Sophisticate

I am so excited about this delightful new magazine, Kinfolk. It is the perfect 'how-to' handbook on modern day entertaining for our generation with recipes, custom dinner playlists, how to set an organic inspired tabletop and most importantly how to cook for one (vs cooking for a whole dinner party). Being the major foodie I am, I am so excited to get some fresh cooking ideas--but first I need to get a little more experience in the kitchen :) Check out the first issue right here.

PS: Recognize the couple shown above? (clue: initials are em) Be sure to read the article and see the cute quote that goes along with the featured story.

Happy Hump Day!

With Love, C.

Basic Geometry

This designer is rocking my socks off right now with the use of bold color and simple shapes she creates vivid patterns that have been designed especially for the likes of Harvey Nichols, Urban Outfitters and even her own wallpaper line. Kirath even brings her 2D shapes to 3D in window installations all over the UK. Way cool.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Difference

Between real & make-believe in the young woman's fashion world...

Quick Question

How does one acquire a space like this?! This is not your run-in-the-mill standard unit by any means...From personally spending a portion of my day searching all over Craig's list I never even came close to finding something so perfectly distressed and worn in...Well here's to dreaming (and a bit more searching) my friends!

Found here.

A Healthy Dose of D&F

Now that I'm back online it's only natural that I post some true dainty with a dash of floral inspiration plus I mostly just love this branding of this Brooklyn florist's website...


With these vivid images it's only natural to transition into these lush images composed by my alltime favorite style/graphic designer/girl crush blogger (can you tell I'm her biggest fan? ha), Miss Moss...How ingenious are these collages? Absolutely love!

And just because this recent local discovery can tag right along with the flora and fauna theme, I'm going to show a few images of this delightful flower shop, Marigold & Mint. It is integrated within the Melrose Market which just so happens to have been designed by favorite NW architect right now, Graham Baba. Be sure to check it out if you ever in Seattle!