Monday, August 22, 2011

Brighter Mondays

Mondays I always wake up a little too late and a little too groggy in the morning to really cohesively concoct a sensible ensemble. However, this week I am incredibly inspired by the fashionable ladies above that aren't afraid to mix texture and color--2 things that I sometimes try to ignore at 6 am...However, I will be trying extra hard this week to wake up a little bit earlier and a little more coherent to really try and step out of my comfort zone.With this said, a very Happy Monday to wherever you may be! 

PS: All of these wonderful images are found via my fabulous friend Alyssa's blog, Glam & Fashionable! She inspires me on the daily with her posts to push myself in both of those directions through her gorgeous images, love you darling!


1 comment:

  1. so loving ur all too lovely post gf! Your blog is just as inspiring! U are the cutest. Happy Glamming my London friend.xx