Monday, October 31, 2011

If it Looks right

it is right...

White walls just always feel right to me particularly when there is architectural details present. I am working on warming up to color again but it is a slow process still...

Images: One // Two // Three // Four


Yes! Scout & Catalogue has came out even more phenomenal crafted products and their look book is layers & layers of goodness! Surprise, surprise my favorite pouch has to be the one on the bottom right--perfect combination of cognac & my signature color pink! Add that to the xmas wish list :)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pattern Play

is completely infused in Wren's fall collection--as well as my favorite combinations of stripes, dainty patterns and of course a healthy dose of leopard. I'll take one of each!

Paris Please

I have always loved the FVF site but now that they're expanding into other European countries,(ie: the UK & France) I couldn't be more excited because that simply means more beautiful spaces for me to creep! 

Freunde Von Freunden does a delightful way of showcasing young professionals in their most natural of habitats--their own homes. My new favorite showcase is this darling, the mademoiselle herself, Julia Faure of Mademoiselle Communications...

She must be doing something right, check out her view from her living room--not...too...shabby!