Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sweet Little Everythings

And by everything--I'm referring to the immense love that I have for EVERY detail found in these magnificent spaces. Filled with plentiful sunlight, beautiful accents, show-stopping light fixtures and an overall feeling of comfort and relaxation. I could easily picture myself curled up in any of these spaces... 

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My Kinda Style

 I am absolutely loving every out fit featured on Lucy Laucht's blog!! She is a darling British fashionista who is  currently residing in Australia. Most of her outfits are pieces from H & M, Zara and/or thrifted--my kind of price points! Her darling camel colored Mulberry bag seems to be accessorized with all of her outfits--which is making me really really  want one even more!  I will definitely be browsing her blog on dull mornings when I'm lacking original outfit inspirations! Love love love her style!

Oh La La x 10

If anyone is in Paris or about to go--please do me a favor and visit Hotel Petit du Moulin. Designed by no other than, Christian Lacroix,-- this hotel is pure genius! Hotel Petit is the epitome of a boutique hotel, each room is entirely different than the other. I am absolutely obsessing over the unique and dramatic murals behind each headboard--you couldn't ask for a more memorable stay! Now only if I was a chunnel ride away...

Something New, Something Blue, Something Borrowed

One a scale of 1 to 10, how fabulous is this idea of collecting old brooches and assembling them into a decadent bouquet? I got tipped on this idea by a dear family friend, whose daughter just got married and was thinking about creating these arrangements for future brides. 

Not only is this bouquet aesthetically pleasing but it's also incredibly personal! Just simply have all your lovely guests at your wedding shower bring an old brooch they have laying around the house and voila-la you have a one of a kind piece! Check out Fantasy Floral Designs to see more unique bouquets! 

I personally am loving the doorknob--probably because I am not in the wedding kind of mindset :)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Play Ball!

Now you can stay in style even in the privacy of your own backyard! The  well loved summertime staple, bocce ball, just got a massive makeover--thanks to Chanel! I think Karl Lagerfield has now single-handly upgraded every piece of sporting equipment--from snowboards to tennis racquets, you now have no excuse of being 100% chic on and off the court! 

Image Courtesy of: Luxist

Jumping for Handbag Joy!

I am so excited to hear about the newest Target collab that will be debuting in October! It just so happens to be with Mulberry!!! For those of you who haven't heard of this English handbag company--you are in for a luxurious treat. Mulberry creates some of the most tasteful and classic handbags, made even more famous by Alexa Chung (who has a bag in her name). I absolutely drooled over these bags the whole time I was in London and now I will finally be able to afford my own!

Oh Target, you never dissapoint--from collaborations with Anna Sui to Hayden Harnett to Zac Posen! Thank you for making such fabulous designers available to everyone (especially us college students), you really are too kind!

"The Infamous Alexa Bag"

Monday, July 26, 2010

Hot Off the Press

After spending the weekend catching up on some of my favorite magazines, I just so happened to catch a glimpse of Jason Wu's showroom which was featured in Instyle.

I absolutely love the idea of recycling the pink pages of the New York Observer to create such a brilliant backdrop behind Wu's beautiful pieces! An excellent example of fashion and interiors complimenting each other in such a wonderful manner.

Curious to see more, I did a little research to discover that Giancarlo Valle and Carrier and Company were the interior designers behind this beautiful and inspiring workplace. Valle has worked with the likes of Phillip Lim and Thakoon in comparison to Carrier & Co who recently designed the lobby of Vogue--both display quite an impressive and high-end portfolio!

(Love the use of mirrors inside the open doorway which were chosen for multiple reasons. One to represent multiple perspectives within the studio, two to act as a play of light and third to provide the feeling of being inside a jewelry box, explains Valle)

Friday, July 23, 2010


I have never been so excited for the weekend, no work, no worries and no rain! I'm off to Eastern Washington ready to experience some true July weather and hopefully gain some sort of tan :) Hope this post finds you well and in a relaxing mood for a well deserved weekend! If you get a chance this weekend, be sure to peep my first "official" post on the infamous Coco + Kelley! Kiss, Kiss.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Love to Love

Love comes in many different forms--photographs, handwritten notes, sayings, and maybe even clothes! Here are a few of my favorite interpretations of the infamous word, L-O-V-E! Hope your day is filled with it, XX.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Cozy Flats with Character to Match

What do all of these distinctive spaces have in common? All of these residences have been designed by the up and coming interior designer Abigail Ahern of London. She doesn't let small scaled rooms get in the way of large scaled drama! It may be a bit overtop as far as my personal taste but nonetheless, inspirational and completely original.

Ahern has also published her own book, "The Girl's Guide to Decorating" as well as establishing her own shop which is chalkfull of furniture, lighting and wallpaper.

My favorite item, is the Neo Barouque Chandelier (above claw bathtub), which is such an innovative approach to the classical chandelier. Ahern style has been described as a taste of "Alice in Wonderland".

Check out Abigail's blog to see what's inspiring her now in the UK!

Endless Embellishments

This is one of my favorite new trends for 2010, sophisticated and intricate embellishments. I think part of this has to do with my strong love of bold statement jewelry. When paired with fabulous neutral shades, its the perfect balance of glam.

Be sure to check out Sam Edelmen--who is currently my favourite new shoe designer.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Cheerful Mondays!

Good morning my friends! Thought I'd share two fabulous interiors with you to enliven your senses and start your day off right! Can't go wrong with beautiful patterned pillows, fabulous wall decor and pops of bright colour everywhere you look...

Images Courtesy of LonnyMag & Domino

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hot Child in the City

I have been so busy this week, however I did have one day off on Wednesday and headed down to good ol' Pike Place which also happened to be Bastille Day! I was surrounded by endless colour, great food, good company, warm sunshine and fabulous loads of inspiration! Hope everyone had a fabulous and relaxing weekend.

PS: I'm so very excited to see that I have some new followers--welcome!! XX