Sunday, July 11, 2010

At Home with Fashion

I am currently loving the designs of the sophisticated and stylish, Rebecca Taylor. Described as 'urban, feminine, bold, kittenish, modern, chic, sexy, cool… with a touch of sparkle'. No wonder I gravitate toward to Taylor's pieces, all my favorite design adjectives were just used in one sentence! Lately when I come across fashion designers I adore, I like to do a little background research and google their homes. Sure enough, Rebecca Taylor's home was showcased in the New York Post. I love seeing designer's aesthetics translated in other creative ways. All though there were only a few images, it was a fun way to peak into the home-life of the adorable, Rebecca Taylor. Enjoy!

Could her family be any cuter? Taylor's husband, Wayne is an illustrator--looks like the talent is already being passed down!

Classic. Clean & Airy. Just like her pieces.

Love the timeless white molding with the contemporary carpet--well done Rebecca!

Images Courtesy of: Net-a-porter & NY Post

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