Friday, July 2, 2010

Treasure Treasure Land

Ever since being back home, one thing I have really been missing from LDN are the high quality antique markets--until yesterday...After visiting the Seattle Art Museum (which was wonderful, more on that later), my mom and I wandered down near Pike Place market to window shop and browse and then I had a brilliant discovery! We stopped in an absolute "jackpot" of antiques!I found myself completely overwhelmed (in a good way!) with vintage costume jewelry, art-deco lamps, Louis chairs, colorful artwork, eclectic dinner sets and endless knick-knacks! Here were my favorite finds. I ended up walking home with a classic gold clutch from the 50's as well as convincing my mom to purchase a wonderful wrought-iron Eiffel Tower for the entryway... I will definitely be back soon but I already decided I should start putting aside some money for that fabulous shell-chandelier below...

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