Friday, April 15, 2011

Make Me Shop More

When working on my studio retail project, I realize what a world of difference a few simple details can make towards the customer. By designing every aspect of a company and branding it down to shopping bags, signage, tags, it truly will improve the company and the persuade the customers to buy more. I absolutely love what Acne did with their branding and packaging--that pink bag alone would make me drop $200 :) 

Pink Bag, Packaging, Cloth & Paper Bags

Bubbly Personality

I love this mod chandelier above the dining room of this NYC Loft, without it's strong impact this apartment would feel a little too traditional and neutral. It truly is the perfect focal point and I personally wouldn't mind having one of these in my own dining room. Designed by Diana Kellog of the Remodelista blog.

Because We're Young & We Can

Get yours on at  net-a-porter! But just because we're young doesn't mean we can afford this kinda bold. Catch 22.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Simplicity Takes Courage, Especially in Retail

I am currently working on my senior capstone project which just so happens to be a retail design project (needless to say I had to do a lot of "research" at boutiques and numerous shopping visits). However, during some of my research I referenced back to the high-end retail stores, Joseph based out of the UK. 

Their store designs are the epitome of simple and modern--even down to their bold and effective graphics (love their choice in type faces). I am intrigued by their clean, sterile spaces but I think I still crave a little more life and warmth in my spaces. Nonetheless I love their well designed fixtures and interesting take on lighting. In particular, I find the clothing racks with the mirror on the outside very successful--genius 2-1 implementation by the architects of Raed Abillama of Lebanon.   

Summer // A.L.C.

I am absolutely loving every piece coming from the new & modern line A.L.C. Great pieces simply re-invented. Get your key summer pieces here.

Color Explosion

Cecily Brown has some serious talent & passion. Her colors are electrifying and brush strokes are fierce. If you ever get stumped on a color palette I'd recommend you grab one of her pieces and pick some hues directly from the canvas--you will have more options then you'll know what to do with.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Into the Pink

Just like after my favorite decorator's (Dorothy Draper) book, I too am "into the pink" lately. Maybe its just hopes for some warm weather and bring back my spring closet. Nonetheless, I have been gravitating towards bright, saturated colors, especially 2011's pantone color. Hope these make for a cheery Tuesday!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Soul Sister

So glad the Coveteur is up and running again! I love the juxtaposition of garments against everyday items in one's home such as books, magazines, furniture, etc. By doing this you truly get a feeling of one's style through all aspects of their lives.

I have to say Britt Aboutaleb is definitely a girl after my own taste. A bit of stripes, some chunky necklaces and she even reads my favorite British mag, The Gentlewomen. Which reminds me I want to order issue No. 3!

New Found Inspiration

It's been over 2 whole months since I've posted--unacceptable!! I am upset that I have taken a little hiatus from the "blogspot" world, which has ultimately just left me with little to none inspiration. However, the the good news is I am back and ready to record my daily finds and inspirations as well discovering others

and since I am back I'm ready to share my newest favorite find...Arian Behzadi's photostream on flickr. I have seen his work floating around the but never who took credit for it until tonight. I absolutely love his balance of type, images & carefree brushstrokes. The last year I am head over heels for graphic design and I am a big fan of his style...

Cheers and a very happy monday to all my dear followers!