Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hooray!! My First Introduction to the Real World--of Blogging.

I woke up yesterday morning to check my email and favorite blogs as usual (because no day is complete without a daily dose of inspiration). But to my PLEASANT AND GIDDY surprise, one of my posts that I had written earlier this month showed up on my all time favorite blog,
Coco + Kelley! I couldn't believe my eyes that something I written was suddenly on a blog that I have been religiously following for months!

You may have noticed earlier this month that I had been cranking out quite a few new posts back to back and that was because I was writing some sample submissions to send to Coco + Kelley for a spot as a weekly contributor. I saw on Cassandra's blog that she was looking for submissions and interns and I was so inthralled with the idea of interning that I overlooked the idea of writing for her since I have really been only blogging for a few months. But I decided it'd be worth a shot since I have nothing to loose :)

Well I am so glad I did post on 'Legendary Designers' was selected!!! I am absolutely flattered and honored, especially since Coco+Kelley is such a popular blog and has been written up in several of my favorite magazines as well.

Well here it is, my little 15 minutes of fame, complete with a very warm introduction from Cassandra herself! Unfortunately, there are a few grammatical errors and spelling mistakes--oops! I guess that's what I get for writing my blogs so late at 1am...Be on the lookout for better proofed posts from now on :)

ALSO, I am so very thrilled to have some new followers on D & F! Whoohooo! I promise to have a quick update soon on my trip to Greece as well as some fresh British design that I have been having my eyes on.

Visit Coco + Kelley the site to see actual projects and her work.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Best of Both Worlds

Most of you all know what a huge J.Crew I am, as well as all of my friends. But what happens when combine J.Crew fashion into an interior?? PURE BLISS! Beautiful neutrals, statement chandeliers, a perfect blend of rustic and clean line furniture and voila you have Jenna Lyon's humble (and flawless) abode. I should have known when I opened my Domino book last year and was particularly drawn to the graphic yellow, black and white living room there was an obvious reason!

This would be because it is Jenna Lyon's living room, naturally. Lyons is the creative director at J.Crew and the one who has the beautiful spreads in all the catalogues of her favorite items--all of which just so happen to mine! She appreciates a good mix of some "dainty & floral" pieces and is even translated into her interior (so many great floral arrangements!)

So when it came to my assignment this week to research office inspiration, that I googled Jenna Lyons and sure enough images of her colorful and well put together office space came up! I do not hate her inspiration wall, modern desk or her outfit one bit :)

Here are a few other images that I am particularly into from ElleDecor, can you guess that I like the vintage, eclectic look? Must be a few too many trips to Portobello Market on the weekend...

Images courtesy of ElleDecor, J.Crew & Google

Sunday, April 18, 2010

An Afternoon with Warhol, Pollock & Refreshing Interiors

Images: Courtesy of Google

I am so happy I finally made it to the famous Tate Modern Art Museum right on the River Thames in downtown London. And best of all, it was free entry! The Tate is home to legendary artists Andy Warhol, Claude Monet, Jackson Pollack, just to name a few ground breaking artists. The actual interior of the museum seems fairly new, an industrial building but balanced out with fresh graphic details and bright colors. After being in Interior Design for a full three years I appreciate abstraction and art on a whole new level. Here are some of my favorite pieces throughout the 5 story complex. (I realized I gravitate immediately to colour, texture & loose brush strokes, all of which are some of my favorite design elements--now I really sound nerdy analyzing art and my design principles!)

Gerald Richter ( My favorite series!)

Not entirely sure on this one...

Ring a bell? I feel like I see this print in so many interiors, so it was funny that the above paintings reminded me exactly of this particular image. Fun fact about 'Keep Calm and Carry On' is that it was originally a British propaganda poster in the 1920's that was rediscovered in 2000 and the rest is history--no pun intended :)

Travel Plans sm{ASH}ed

For those who may have heard, on Thursday April 15th a volcano erupted in Iceland, thus shutting down all airports throughout EU and canceling all flights. Many are stranded across Europe with no means of transportation until the skys clear and the ashes deceases (the main problem airplanes have is the ash getting into the engines).

I know like many other people, are keeping our fingers crossed flights don't stay cancelled for long. On Thursday, I have a flight to Athens, so hopefully it will be safe to travel, however it still makes me quite nervous even though we are traveling South.

However, in the meantime, the weather in London has been absolutely flawless and making it harder for me to imagine leaving this beautiful 'Kingdom' :) I have officially resided permanently in the lovely Regents Park where I have been just browsing design magazines left and right, eating cheap baguettes and people watching till the cows come home (or more like until the sun goes down).

Some particular frames that caught my eye are the retro-inspired Prada postcard sunglasses that I spied in this week's Stylist. Each pair is inspired and designed around a certain area in Europe. How clever and adorable. The orange and grey pair are from my "homeland" of England on the beaches of Cornwall. Such a tempting purchase right before my trip to Greece, however I think for now I'll stick to my 5 euro knockoff Ray-bans I picked up in Florence...But definitely check out the Stylist, a weekly publication in London which they hand out for free every Wednesday but you can also peep online--Full of goodies! Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend :)


Images courtesy of Prada, Stylist & Easyjet

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Let History Repeat Itself {Albert Hadley}

As you may heard time after time, that history does repeat itself and that is not all a bad thing especially in the design world! Legendary American interior designer, Albert Hadley has absolutely flawless style when it comes to arranging a room in terms of color selection, furniture styles and the perfect balance of artwork. I thought his designs were very fitting for the sun filled spring days and just in the nick of time for some quick spruces throughout the home :)

I for one, am a HUGE fan of color and love his use of just the right amount of "pop" in each space. I absolutely love what he did with the bedroom--placing a rustic teal bed frame against a dark grey canvas--genius! It is no wonder that the image of him flipping through Domino would be intriguing to him, all of his design choices fit perfectly with the magazine's aesthetic (RIP Domino but thank goodness for the online LonnyMag to fulfill our hungry design eyes!)

Bravo Albert Hadley! If you are craving more of Hadley's work be sure to check out his book, The Story of America's Preeminet Interior Designer where the designer simply explains..."I deeply believe that a beautiful decor can have a beneficial influence on our live".

I couldn't agree with the man more. Hope you all are finding lots of cheery inspiration on this April day!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Jet Set Chic: The Art of the Boutique Hotel

As an Interior Design student studying abroad in London, I have to say this city could quite easily could be the most dangerous 'trap' for one who loves fashion, art and interiors! Around every corner is a new boutique, bookstore or cafe that I must explore and it is very unlikely I can escape without dropping a couple 'lbs'.

However, what really has caught my eye recently are the Firmdale Hotels throughout London. I have always been a big fan of Boutique Hotels, but Firmdale's hotels are right up my alley with their interiors filled with bright colours, tasteful florals and stripes, vintage decor and glamourous details. Truly the perfect place you would want to land after a long day of 'jet setting'. Firmdale has hotels through some of London's poshest neighborhoods including Soho, Covent Garden, Knightsbridge and several other wonderful locations.

Lucky for everyone back in the US, Firmdale just launched their newest addition to the Boutique family, the Crosby Hotel in NYC, which alone is the perfect excuse to travel to the "Big Apple". Firmdale hotels have all the immenties one could want--restaurants, bars, tea room, movie theatres, spas, fitness centers and many of them have daring back yard gardens. If I was a guest I don't think you could even get to me to leave this blissfully designed haven...even if they are in some of the world's grandest locations!

Covent Garden Hotel--Firmdale's Trademark is flying a flag on the outside facade.

No. Sixteen's backyard garden--now that's a vacation spot alone!

Some of the darling close-ups of Firmdale, even down to custom labels on the toiletries--true attention to detail !

One of the Guest Rooms in the Soho Hotel in London

Terrace Suite fit for a true stylish jet setter in the heart of London...Soho.

Black, white and oh so refreshing! One of the featured suites inside Crosby Street, NYC.

*images via Firmdale Hotels

Green with Nautical Nostalgia

Who would have thought all of my favorite things could be combined with one common demoninator?! Nautical + Summertime + Stylish Designs and guess what--IT'S ALL ECO FRIENDLY! Who would have thought that all of these above images are in fact...GREEN :)

With the help of Lonnymag which links some of the top ec0-chic sites, its easy to navigate throughout the web and see that just because you are being good to the earth doesn't mean you have to loose ties of high style or glamour! I can totally see the Crate and Barrel driftwood mirror being the perfect summertime swap out freshen up a living room--all while sporting the darling nautical striped sweater from Kaightshop.

It's so easy these days to go from site to site flipping through affordable and glamourous eco products for your home and yourself... Now what I really want to get ahold of next time I am at vintage market is that crystal pirate ship chandelier!! That would be a stellar summer find if you ask me :)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Love in the Form of a Photograph

I am wide awake tonight and instead of doing the homework that I should probably be doing I am too distracted becoming inspired--I guess things could be worse ;)

I happened to stumble across Patrick Cline online, who is the brilliant photographer of all the above images which are just too perfect in my eyes. I realized it is no WONDER that I am so drawn to all of his images--it is because he is the main photographer of the online magazine that I love so much, LonnyMag. His focus is on interiors and are some of the best I have seen. Plus he even managed to capture the brand new J.Crew high end boutique (second image) which seems to be worth a trip to NYC alone!

If you haven't peeped Lonnymag you absolutely must--it is a perfect updated version of Domino but completely free.It is laid out like a traditional magazine and consists of DIY, Eco-Chic clothing and furniture, beautiful interiors and everything else that is either dainty and floral! AND if you like something, you can simply click on the image and it will take to the sight. Literally magic!

Founder, Michelle Adams, also has her very own line of eco fabrics, rightfully named, Ruby Green. I am so thankful she started Lonnymag, because I honestly felt so lost without my monthly Domino, nothing else quite cuts the eclectic, vintage, quirky finds like Domino did until now! Here are some darling photos of Rubie Green ads shot by Patrick Cline and even Adam's desk which looks like an absolute perfect workspace :)

Nonetheless, Cline's photos with Adam's aesthetic makes me wanna go run around Londontown all week and capture all the summertime inspiration I can get!