Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hooray!! My First Introduction to the Real World--of Blogging.

I woke up yesterday morning to check my email and favorite blogs as usual (because no day is complete without a daily dose of inspiration). But to my PLEASANT AND GIDDY surprise, one of my posts that I had written earlier this month showed up on my all time favorite blog,
Coco + Kelley! I couldn't believe my eyes that something I written was suddenly on a blog that I have been religiously following for months!

You may have noticed earlier this month that I had been cranking out quite a few new posts back to back and that was because I was writing some sample submissions to send to Coco + Kelley for a spot as a weekly contributor. I saw on Cassandra's blog that she was looking for submissions and interns and I was so inthralled with the idea of interning that I overlooked the idea of writing for her since I have really been only blogging for a few months. But I decided it'd be worth a shot since I have nothing to loose :)

Well I am so glad I did post on 'Legendary Designers' was selected!!! I am absolutely flattered and honored, especially since Coco+Kelley is such a popular blog and has been written up in several of my favorite magazines as well.

Well here it is, my little 15 minutes of fame, complete with a very warm introduction from Cassandra herself! Unfortunately, there are a few grammatical errors and spelling mistakes--oops! I guess that's what I get for writing my blogs so late at 1am...Be on the lookout for better proofed posts from now on :)

ALSO, I am so very thrilled to have some new followers on D & F! Whoohooo! I promise to have a quick update soon on my trip to Greece as well as some fresh British design that I have been having my eyes on.

Visit Coco + Kelley the site to see actual projects and her work.

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