Monday, April 12, 2010

Love in the Form of a Photograph

I am wide awake tonight and instead of doing the homework that I should probably be doing I am too distracted becoming inspired--I guess things could be worse ;)

I happened to stumble across Patrick Cline online, who is the brilliant photographer of all the above images which are just too perfect in my eyes. I realized it is no WONDER that I am so drawn to all of his images--it is because he is the main photographer of the online magazine that I love so much, LonnyMag. His focus is on interiors and are some of the best I have seen. Plus he even managed to capture the brand new J.Crew high end boutique (second image) which seems to be worth a trip to NYC alone!

If you haven't peeped Lonnymag you absolutely must--it is a perfect updated version of Domino but completely free.It is laid out like a traditional magazine and consists of DIY, Eco-Chic clothing and furniture, beautiful interiors and everything else that is either dainty and floral! AND if you like something, you can simply click on the image and it will take to the sight. Literally magic!

Founder, Michelle Adams, also has her very own line of eco fabrics, rightfully named, Ruby Green. I am so thankful she started Lonnymag, because I honestly felt so lost without my monthly Domino, nothing else quite cuts the eclectic, vintage, quirky finds like Domino did until now! Here are some darling photos of Rubie Green ads shot by Patrick Cline and even Adam's desk which looks like an absolute perfect workspace :)

Nonetheless, Cline's photos with Adam's aesthetic makes me wanna go run around Londontown all week and capture all the summertime inspiration I can get!

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