Sunday, April 18, 2010

Travel Plans sm{ASH}ed

For those who may have heard, on Thursday April 15th a volcano erupted in Iceland, thus shutting down all airports throughout EU and canceling all flights. Many are stranded across Europe with no means of transportation until the skys clear and the ashes deceases (the main problem airplanes have is the ash getting into the engines).

I know like many other people, are keeping our fingers crossed flights don't stay cancelled for long. On Thursday, I have a flight to Athens, so hopefully it will be safe to travel, however it still makes me quite nervous even though we are traveling South.

However, in the meantime, the weather in London has been absolutely flawless and making it harder for me to imagine leaving this beautiful 'Kingdom' :) I have officially resided permanently in the lovely Regents Park where I have been just browsing design magazines left and right, eating cheap baguettes and people watching till the cows come home (or more like until the sun goes down).

Some particular frames that caught my eye are the retro-inspired Prada postcard sunglasses that I spied in this week's Stylist. Each pair is inspired and designed around a certain area in Europe. How clever and adorable. The orange and grey pair are from my "homeland" of England on the beaches of Cornwall. Such a tempting purchase right before my trip to Greece, however I think for now I'll stick to my 5 euro knockoff Ray-bans I picked up in Florence...But definitely check out the Stylist, a weekly publication in London which they hand out for free every Wednesday but you can also peep online--Full of goodies! Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend :)


Images courtesy of Prada, Stylist & Easyjet

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