Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Green with Nautical Nostalgia

Who would have thought all of my favorite things could be combined with one common demoninator?! Nautical + Summertime + Stylish Designs and guess what--IT'S ALL ECO FRIENDLY! Who would have thought that all of these above images are in fact...GREEN :)

With the help of Lonnymag which links some of the top ec0-chic sites, its easy to navigate throughout the web and see that just because you are being good to the earth doesn't mean you have to loose ties of high style or glamour! I can totally see the Crate and Barrel driftwood mirror being the perfect summertime swap out freshen up a living room--all while sporting the darling nautical striped sweater from Kaightshop.

It's so easy these days to go from site to site flipping through affordable and glamourous eco products for your home and yourself... Now what I really want to get ahold of next time I am at vintage market is that crystal pirate ship chandelier!! That would be a stellar summer find if you ask me :)

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