Monday, April 12, 2010

Garden Party

It is official this time--I do believe spring is here and here to stay! I knew it was here to stay after this weekend's trip to Anthropolgie where I saw the brightest of prints, fun summer dishes and not a sweater or jacket in sight. I forget how at home this place makes me feel :)

After months of living in the beautiful city of London, I have to say I think I only saw the sun's appearance a mere 3 times. This week has been absolutely beautiful with 50 and 60 degrees outside and my epic discovery of Regent's Park which is now my official London haven.

Regents Park is honestly a true hidden gem, centrally located in London you can truly get lost for weeks between the beautifully landscaped gardens, the boating lake and sprawling green fields that seem like such a rare find in London!

I can definitely say I have never been so excited to see sunshine and parks--I had no idea what I have been missing these last couple of months. I have a feeling the next couple of months here are going to be seen in a new light--no pun intended :)

Now I just got to have some of my sundresses Fedexed over but until then I may just have to creep on J.Crew and Anthropologie...

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