Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I finally caught up on my reality TV last night and happened to catch the new Bravo show, "Million Dollar Decorators".  I couldn't believe that I heard of almost all the designers on the show and mostly because of being exposed to their work via blogging. 

Nonetheless, it was interesting to see into their daily lives as designers and to witness all the good and bad that comes along with doing high-end projects with high profile clients. My favorite project that was mentioned on the show, was in fact Tavern, designed by Jeffrey Alan Marks

This type of project is the exact kind I would love to design! I absolutely love the incredible daylight that accompanies the  elegant atmosphere, that is more inviting than ritzy. If I am ever in the LA area, I will most definitely have to swing by here, I could easily spend breakfast to dinner in this beautiful space and the pastries don't look half bad either...

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  1. Its stunning. I love the chairs and the layout is perfect. It would be a great design project.