Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mad Crushing {on furniture}

Images: Courtesy of Dedon

What are these photos for you may ask? A new denim company or pajama line? No, in fact these particular (and 100% delightful) photos are from the "Coming Home" campaign for the luxurious outdoor furniture company, Dedron. I ran across all of these images in a front page glossy spread in one of my design magazines and liked them so much, that the second image is taped up on my wall. Something about the laid back style and nostalgic tree fort makes me want to adapt this lifestyle right away :)

I was so tempted that I went on Dedron's website to see if this idea was even possible, but instead stumbled on a film that Bruce Weber created exclusively just to market their fabulous new collection of summer furniture! What a genius and rather unique approach to marketing, plus it doesn't hurt the infamous Philippe Starck is behind the company as well. Starck is a design genius that I recently became familiar with while researching high end boutique hotels in class and realized he is behind quite a few of the most innovative and chic hotels all over the world!

So many hidden gems were unfolded just from one simple ad in Elle Decor :)

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