Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Portugal in the Form of Colours

I have to say... the last two weekends I definitely have been a certified "beach bum". This last weekend I was able to visit the lovely country of Portugal and completely fell in love with the culture, climate, colour and of course the actual beaches, themselves.

I would have never really imagined Portugal being one of the places I would travel to while I was here, but the opportunity presented itself and I definitely couldn't resist--especially after seeing the wonderful J.Crew spring catalogue which was shot in Lisbon! They did a mighty fine job of capturing the city and the country :)

The several days I spent in Lagos which is four hours south of Lisbon. It's an absolutely stunning beach town, right on the coast with amazing views of the cliffs and the ocean. It was such a relaxing trip just laying out on the beach and wandering around town(such a rough life I live...)

Lisbon (Portugal's capital), however, was full of life and filled me with fresh inspiration on every street. Lisbon was, without a doubt, packed full of vivid colours, ornate architecture and just an "all-around" lively city. It reminded me a lot of a "European" San Fransisco, complete with cable cars that took you up the windy hills, a similiar bridge to the "Golden Gate", and of course brightly coloured facades. Even the sidewalks were amazing--all handtiled mosaics patterns that lasted as far as I could see.

I have to say Portugal really knocked my socks off and wouldn't mind coming back any time soon--especially next time to scope out the antiques which are supposed be some of the best around...

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