Friday, May 14, 2010

A Traditional English...Friday

As I am wrapping up my final weeks in London, I have realized that there is sooo much I still want to do and see! I currently have my planner completely filled with events and places I want to go see before I leave (warning: I might need a strong push and shove to get me outta here). Here are a few things that are my "must-do" check-list
  1. Traditional Tea @ Soho Hotel
  2. Abbey Road
  3. V & A Museum, especially the Grace Kelley Exhibit
  4. Champagne Bar at Harvey Nichols
  5. Brighton, A small town on the beach (an hour out of London)
  6. Markets on last time, so bittersweet!
  7. Futbol Game @ Wembley
  8. John Mayer Concert
  9. Climb the top of St. Paul's Cathedral
  10. And finishing my studies of course :)
I did check off two major sites last Friday. I went to the Tower of London, which is right on River Thames and is one of the most historic sites in London. It was used primarly as a jail to house criminals and at one point was the most "scariest" place to be held. Now it is open to the public and houses the crown jewels which were the largest and sparkliest treasures I have ever witnessed--they didn't even look like they could have been real!(Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take any pictures).

Afterwards, I headed to the National Gallery and was able to see Van Gough and Monet in all of their beauty. I am so fortunate to be able to see these pieces face to face, especially since the infamous yellow sun flowers piece is located in London and also just so happens to be a previous source of inspiration for one of my earlier interior design projects (go figure-it's floral!)

Of course no Friday is complete without a quick pop into Anthro to start your weekend off right as well as scoping out the new summertime goodies. I was killing some time and decided to try on some pieces and fell in love with this particular dress...It might just be the perfect addition to the wardrobe this summer, as well as a great birthday dress. I think it would work flawlessly with my evening backyard garden party I am wanting to plan for my 21st get together :)
Images Courtesy of : Dress, Design, Decor & Anthropologie

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