Friday, May 14, 2010

Such a Tastefully Chic Treat

Last night I got the wonderful opportunity to go to the St. Marten's Lane hotel which coincidentally I have been itching to go to before I depart. I was invited by one of my friends here to meet up with her parents at the Asia de Cuba restaurant at St. Martens.

I couldn't have been giddier to take up this invitation! St. Marten's Lane is owned by the glamourous Morgans Hotel Group and designed by the legendary, Philippe Starck! Last summer when I was in San Fransisco my dad introduced me to the Clift Hotel, also owned by Morgans and I fell completely in love. Both Hotels have an "Alice in Wonderland" vibe which is simply quirky, mysterious, imaginative and completely chic. I love the lighting and the play of proportion throughout the lobby, restaurant and bar. After a glass of wine in the restaurant, Jenna, Becca and I (they were my partners in crime in Portugal, as well!) ventured in to the Light Bar.

Light Bar describes this space perfectly, still bright in colour but the play of light off of the soffits create a very dramatic mood. Plus the giant black and white faces upon the wall (of who knows who) made the whole experience very conservational! I can only wait till someday I will able to come and go throughout these hotels as I please and if all goes well, design one or two :)

Here are my personal pictures that I took which give off a slightly different vibe since they were taken at nighttime.

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