Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Little Hidden Gem

Yay! Home sweet home. london. I have been so busy the last couple of weeks traveling (not that I am complaining in any way)but I haven't had anytime to explore my current city itself. I am in complete and utter shock that my time here is dwindling and quickly, I have two and a half weeks left in this wonderful city and I am not sure if I am quite ready to go home yet. London never ceases to surprise me, I keep finding markets, neighborhoods, parks, stores, hotels and restaurants that I want to try before I leave!

However, the other day I was finally able to venture over to Primrose Hill which was a top priority on my 'London Check List'. It is literally two blocks from my neighborhood of Camdentown. I don't know why I didn't explore this area sooner because I completely fell in love (I know I say that a lot but its completely true). If you just walk around Regent's Park a little bit further than you would normally you come across this giant grassy hill and if you hike to the top you can see a beautiful view of London's city sky line. I was able to see the London Eye, Westminister, St. Paul's and the funny thing is they all looked so close from up so high.

I then went on to explore the neighborhood which is only a couple of blocks but filled with beautiful white facaded homes and gave off such a calm and relaxed vibe. It reminded of home, in a small Seattle neighborhood such as Magnolia. I discovered a darling sweet shop, lovely home stores and very cute outdoor restaurant. I ended up getting a glass of wine in the Princess of Wales pub which had the most cozy atmosphere (large couches, lots of nooks, framed antique prints and even a little book library in the corner). Outside they have a beautiful patio that has a back wall which is covered in eclectic frames, I think I found my 3rd place, two weeks before I leave...

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