Thursday, May 6, 2010

Beware of Matches in London

Living in London is dangerous enough, but when you go to school on Marylebone High Street (a very posh and absolutely darling neighborhood), every walk to class is a tempting one. Matches is one of my favorite boutiques that I just so "happen" to pass by on the way. Their window displays are equally as beautiful and unique as their actual clothing. I have stopped in a few times just too look but I figured I should just stick to viewing their pieces from a far after seeing all price tags were in the triple digits!

I was equally delighted with their website which not only displays all the actual clothing but has different sections for traveling, trends, new items and other creative features. My favorite section is the "Style Destination" which suggests different combinations of accesories, dresses and jewelry for a certain travel hot spots! SO clever plus I love the little "black book" filled with upcoming trends and fun pieces for spring and summer 2010. I love just browsing through the website to get fresh ideas and inspirations for outfits, plus the website is beautifully laid out (always a plus).

Speaking of traveling, I am off bright and early in the morning to Ireland for my last and final trip! If only they had a 'Style Destination' created for Ireland to assist me in my packing...I'm no exactly sure what the style or weather will be like...But I will be sure to update the rest of you soon :)

Until next time, lots of love from London!

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