Thursday, January 21, 2010

Week Three

I can not believe I am already into my third week of living in London!I absolutely love it so far and feel very settled in--my flat feels like home, I think I have mastered the tube (for the most part and I just booked my first flight in Europe... PARIS!!!

I am going to meeting four other girls from school that are in my sorority over there for 4 days--I can hardly wait. This has been a dream of mine for forever. Should be interesting since I will be flying by myself and trying to figure out how to meet them in the hostel once were over there--haha good be complicated since I have absolutely no sense of direction and can not speak a word of french haha but I guess it's all part of the adventure...I definitely think I will fall head over heels for Paris, I have no doubt :)

This week has been quite eventful--Monday was actually a pretty epic night due to the fact that I finally got to be TWO FEET AWAY FROM JOHN MAYER HIMSELF--IN LONDON!!! Haha well technically...

Me and three other girls took the tube to the venue that he was playing outside of hoping to hear him perform. No such luck and not one spare ticket was left--it was a completely sold out show. We decided to be patient and wait for after the concert to see if we could at least see an glimpse of him. We even become good friends with the security guard behind the venue, he was very sweet and told us there was nothing he could do to help us. We even played Shelby's birthday card since she turned 21 at midnight.

However, 3 hours later and a trip to McDonalds to tide us over, the concert got out and we were joined with other fans outside hoping to see him in real life. A few moments later a typical, tinted van drove by and we all joked that he probably was inside...until we saw this distinct silhouette could be made out in the back seat and appeared to be laughing--definitely John! As much as I wish I could have been at the actual concert, I was perfectly content getting a picture in front of his name in lights and being two feet away from even...He is supposedly coming back to the UK in May, so I will be on the lookout :)

Tuesday night I went to see Wicked with a bunch of girls in my program. I wasn't really sure what the exact storyline was but I thoroughly enjoyed it and some of the songs were very familiar. A bunch of us had class till 6:45pm and then took the tube to the theater district which looks absolutely amazing at night all lit up!

Wednesday I finally started my internship here at SMC Designs. They are a fairly large firm that also specify in graphic design and art consultancy. My first day was very laid back and I just worked on cleaning out the material library. Everyone seems younger and very friendly so I'm excited to see what I will be doing in the next 10 weeks. Their firm is mainly designing cruise lines which is a different kind of work than residential and commercial so I think it will be a very interesting experience and I think I could learn a lot about hospitality design which is what I am also very interested in.

Thats it for now, I'm off to class! XOXO

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