Monday, January 18, 2010

Sunday Afternoons in Notting Hill

I woke up yesterday morning and it was the first sunny day since I have arrived so I thought what better way to spend it then go out venture out to the infamous Nottinghill. It's surprisingly only twenty minutes by tube from where I am living in Camdentown. It was so nice not having to bundle up to face the rain or wind and instead be able to really enjoy being outside in this beautiful area.

As soon as we got off the tube, my friend Shelby and I instantly felt like we were in a brand new neighborhood. It was so quiet and calm, a feeling I have not felt since I have been here since I usually been racing around central London. It was the perfect place to be on this sunny, care free Sunday...

We did not really plan out our trip and just assumed we automatically get off the tube and be in the Notting Hill we all know and love seen from the classic 1990's movie. I was secretly hoping that we might see Hugh Grant but no such luck...

However I had better luck just spotting some beautiful row houses and falling them down through a tree lined residential street. The street brought us to some darling coffee shops and cafes. All there restaurants and eateries here are so small, only several tables in each shop. I have also noticed no one is in a hurry to eat but take their time when eating and enjoying eachother's company. Waiters never quickly hand over a check but instead you must ask because I think most take their time when they go out and are in no rush.

Shelby and I continued up and down the residential side streets snapping pictures, which I assume many residents are used to because I feel like Notting Hill is a popular neighborhood to visit when in London. We stopped in several book stores, one had a solid collection of design coffee table books which I did not hate...I ended up buying some vintage postcards (Cavallini & CO).

If you're lucky you may be getting some snail mail from me :) Well as soon as I figure out where I can buy stamps--could be a little while haha.

I defintiely will have to come back in the spring and everything is in bloom and perhaps I will scope out a few more vintage shops :)

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