Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Ahhh after a hectic 2 weeks I have finally landed in the brilliant city of London!! It is very surreal to be here walking around the crowded city lined with beautiful architecture and new sites around every corner. I swear I have seen more posh, high end boutiques in one day then I have seen in a lifetime, this could be quite dangerous! Every shop here is quaint and beautifully designed, not to mention my university is right in the middle of some of the best shopping...

I am all moved in to my flat and started classes Monday. I am taking a retail design studio with five other students in all white brick studio which is so perfect.
I did mention to get quite lost this morning looking for the art supply store to get supplies to build my model...some things don't even change...not even in the UK! 2 hours later and 40 pounds later we walked out with chipboard, exacto knives (weird that I didnt pack those in my suitcase!) and cutting mat...Not to mention it is beginning to snow quite heavily--London, like Seattle doesn't know how to handle snow storms either! Even some stations on the tube were closed? I am not sure how that makes sense since its underground?

Well that it is it for now, I will be writing again soon...

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