Sunday, January 24, 2010

Colorful Vintage Markets=BLISS


Today Shelby and I decided to tackle some of London's most busiest marketplaces--Camden Markets and Portobello Road Market. Both were successful and continued on for blocks and blocks...

I have always wanted to spend a whole day vintage shopping but I have never really made time to go back at home in Seattle. The Camden Markets are only a couple blocks down from my flat and are some of the best in London (supposedly). The markets here seem to be a mix of fair food (but better and more fresh), Pike Place Market style stalls, with the repetitive Cabo type stands but better jewelry. The Camden Market stretches over several blocks and a majority of the shops are in the old "horse corrals". Many shops had handmade jewelry and 'etsy' accessories and others ranged to extreme gothic fashion...Whatever your style was; you most definitely could find something you loved and for a great price...I am sure you can barter down a lot of the prices but I am not the most persuasive person so I opted not too haha. They also had rows of fresh ethnic food that smelled amazing with huge fresh portions. I think I found my new weekend hang out spot :)

Later on Shelby and I hopped on a bus to venture back into Notting Hill to explore the Portobello Road market that our Interior Design professor raved about, especially a great place for sourcing antiques--definitely didn't hate that suggestion :)

After heading in the wrong direction for a good 20 minutes, I asked a couple where the market was and they informed us we had missed it and needed to take the same bus back in the opposite direction--oopsies...I promise I am getting better at directions though!

We finally got to our destination and found a charming Thai restaurant and grabbed some pad thai before heading out for some vintage finds...

Sundays in London are apparently the craziest market days but I loved the atmosphere and watching all the different types of people wandering the streets. I headed over to a great vintage jewelry stand and got several pairs of pearl and gold earrings, a necklace and a bracelet for 10 pounds. We continued down the road and popped in and out of dozens of interesting vintage clothing shops but also new boutiques. All the stores in London are smaller and designed to a T. I also went in several antique home decor stores and just about died--Shelby can vouch that I definitely was almost to the point of yelling whenever I discovered a new find. The silver baroque mirrors were reason enough for me to move here permanently!

All in all, Sunday was quite a success! Minus the fact we did get so anxious to head home and eat dinner that we didn't check the direction and ended up going the wrong way again--haha just another learning experience! I will definitely be hitting the markets up regularly from now on--let me know if you'd like a souvenir, perhaps a crystal chandelier?! :)

All my love from Londontown, wishing you all a fabulous new week!

PS: Only 4 days till Paris for me!!!

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  1. Best blog post & story yet! Love that you got lost....twice!