Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Little Afternoon Treat

I was just skimming through the local newspaper while I was waiting to cook dinner (aka boiling pasta noodles, surprising I know) but I ran across this local designer, Daniella Helayel and decided to look her up.

Her website was such a treat, I absolutely loved how she set it up. It's like you're going through a whimsical children's book. Her sketches around London and throughout her website are absolutely how I would love to draw someday--she made it look so easy with just simple markers and sharpies!

Her clothes are beautiful too, she documents a lot of her daily inspiration and its mostly places within London. If you get a chance look at Issa London. You will have so much fun just exploring her website, its just so cheerful :)

All Images: http://www.issalondon.com/2009/

Well I'm off to studio and then I'm going to see Wicked tonight which should be fabulous...Talk to you soon.

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