Monday, February 22, 2010

Spring Break or Bust

Ahhhh I should be doing massive amounts of homework but all I can do is daydream about my future destinations for my spring break in 3 weeks!!

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I am starting out venturing to Florence for several days to meet up with some of my dearest sorority sisters for some good ol' fashioned fun, then flying to none other than Malta to visit the love of my life Sarah Landerholm and soak up some maltese sun, culture and beaches!

After several days on the island of Malta (off the tip of Italy) I will be flying into Rome for a day of sightseeing and then meeting up with a couple lovely Kappa Shmelts to finish up my holiday in the infamous city of Barcelona.

Only 3 more weeks of interning, wrapping up my studio project and numerous essays to be written. But it always gets done and before I know I will be residing with good friends, good fashion and good food!

Wish me luck on my adventure, hopefully all my flights are in order and I will make it to all my destinations without too much havoc ;)

Until next time, Ciao Bella!

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