Friday, February 12, 2010

Delightful Fridays

Waking up on Fridays is sometimes a challenge since I have to make it to school by 8:30 for my five hour history of design class. I am always dreading the long academic day when my alarm goes off but every Friday has turned out to be my favorite day of the week. Not to mention our walk to class always cheers me up.

AIU is located on Marylebone street, which is a darling street of high end clothing, home, jewelry boutiques as well as charming cafes and bakeries sprinkled in throughout. The facade of our school literally blends right in within all the shops so it's easy to "lose" my way to class and end up in a clothing store...This happens quite often matter of fact...

Jane Packer is located right down the street from the bus stop and is probably the most beautiful flower shop I have ever laid eyes on--if you can even call it a flower shop. More like pieces of art, absolutely beautiful and creative displays. Today they had the most tasteful as well as adorable Valentine's day display. If only I had fifty pounds to drop on a sophisticated rose bouquet....

Our class is only a few people and we always travel around the city to different museums or cities plus we get about an hour for a coffee break which I do not mind--at all...

Today we headed over just a few blocks from school to see the Wallace Collection; a collection of a wealthy Irish families furnishings, art, china and every other knick knack possible. All of which are incredibly beautiful and intricate pieces, many of the artwork famous renaissance pieces (today's lecture topic). The Wallace Collection is displayed in their original home (mansion) from the 19th century. I would kill for one of their brightly colored tea sets and of course a massive crystal chandelier.

Even though the interior is quite over the top glamourous, heavily inspired from France (reminded me of a smaller scale of Versailles decor), I could definitely work with a few pieces such as the gold, baroque mirrors and beautifully lavish couches.

A nice mix of traditional touches (Willamson Designs)

I ended up having a wakeup class today for studio right after so it is has been an actually quite long academic day for a day when I wasn't even supposed to have classes. It's quite quiet on Fridays since everyone else gets the day free to explore and travel...That better be me next semester :)

I am actually getting quite excited and inspired over my retail studio project now that I have a pretty set floor plan and all my materials picked out. Being in London I have endless inspiration that I so severely was lacking in Spokane. I can't get enough of it, design over here really is just top notch everywhere you look!

On the way back home I wandered into the Conran shop which is a homestore that has a mixture of modern, traditional and rustic items. It is 3 stories full of furniture, accessories, lighting and some fabulous coffee table books which always end in my downfall.

Well it is Friday night and I am off! Wishing you all a wonderful Valentines day from across the pond!

With Love, Courtesy of Marlyebone Valentine Display Windows. XOXO

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