Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Short List of Things I am Loving Right Now

While being in the U.K. for over a month now, there are so many wonderful little things that I have a fond appreciation for--
Here are the ones I am adoring at the moment...

*Walking to work during the "Rush Hour" of pedestrians--I play a game with myself to see how many people I can pass or squeeze by before I get stuck behind someone or a light.
(I tell ya it real gets the heart rate going especially since its my only form of exercise currently since it is too cold to run outside slash I am not willing to fork over 70lbs a month for a gym pass)

*The new Corrine Bailey Rae and Norah Jones CD--such a great new addition to my ipod.

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*The slightly frizzy hair & pale skin combo--saves money and time not having to hit up a tanning bed or the extra 10 minutes it takes to straighten my hair.

*Paperchase-It is a 3 story floor right down the street from my work that is full of beautiful cards, wrapping paper, books, journals, a majority covered in dainty and floral prints! Incredibly dangerous, because mostly every item in there is nothing I need but EVERYTHING I WANT!

*Oxford shoes preferably with tights and a great floral dress or even jean shorts--so fabulous right now...a definite spring time must :)

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*Being able to buy a bottle of wine legally after a hard day at the office, I am really becoming quite the conseviur--on the cheapest four pound wine I can get haha.

*My Internship--I have been really lucky to be placed with such a great firm that is letting me do a lot of hands on tasks. They may be small but I am happy to do anything they give me. I mostly have been working on photoshop, designing textiles and organizing the materials library. All fine by me :)

*My upcoming spring break to Florence, possibly Rome and Barcelona to visit some special KD sissys. Needless to say we will be doing what we do best, sorry for partying in advance (plus shopping and sightseeing naturally)

*The rare glimpses of sun, usually between snowfall that makes me realize how happy sunshine makes me...I can not wait for spring, however it may be a while.

*Knowing that a majority of my friends have crossed the pond safely and now are on the same time zone as me! So convenient!

I could go on and on but I will update as I continue on my journey. One month down, four more to come :)


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