Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Liberty of London--Home of the Original Floral Prints

I have been itching to do a blog post on Liberty of London, one of the world's oldest and most distinguished department stores. In the last year Liberty has teamed up with Target, Hermes, Mac and J.Crew--all household favorites, ranging from affordable to elite price tags. If you haven't been to the actual deptartment store, it is located behind Regent Street in an old English tudor-style mansion and can not be missed--it is ginormous! If you are coming through Soho and onto Carnaby Street, you will be hit with their famous bright pink floral print wallpaper facade (so clever!). Inside, the actual store is a breathtaking combination of high fashion mixed in within the ornate arts and crafts style interior. Liberty houses the most beautiful scarves, handbags, fashion lines, furniture and even their own signature fabrics. When entering Liberty you must walk through the flower shop which is located right at the entry way and is filled with beautiful, fresh flowers. Everything about this store is magical, especially the cascading light fixtures that falls through the center of the store. The tea room and cafe also look like a great place for an afternoon nibble, especially if you spend a whole day shopping away! I loved just strolling throughout the store casually making my way to the top. Unfortunately I wasn't able to take my own pictures, so I had to find some online to help illustrate my experience. It was neat to see what an impact one store has on fashion throughout the world. I was at Target this weekend and was able to see some of their pieces and ended up getting a candle to help me relive this magical place. It was nice to see that London is slowly falling me back to the States...I have also been inspired to pick up painting this summer and I think one of my first projects will be too do one of the liberty prints on a large canvas. I feel like you can't go too wrong with a large floral pattern, bright colors and big brush strokes :)

Flower shop near Entrance

Carnaby Street Wallpapered Facade


Liberty for MAC

J.Crew Liberty Print Dress

My blank canvas inspirations...I feel like these would look nice as a set in my apartment at school...

All Images Courtesy of Liberty, J.Crew, MAC, Hermes, Google

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  1. Love it.. the interior is amazing! And how bold for a historically traditional company to paint the facade with their signature print!