Friday, June 11, 2010

Just In the Nic of Time

Just when I thought the weather wasn't going to turn around in Seattle, I heard we're finally going to see the sun this week and it might just be here to stay!! Now that I'm home and happen to have a lot of extra spare time. However, all I wanna go do is go outside and enjoy summer but I haven't been able fully do that yet, (crossies)--it will be a possibility this weekend! With all my extra time inside, I have been quite productive in the addicting world of blogging. I have discovered plenty of fresh, innovative and inspiring designers to add to my "little black book" of designers. Currently, I am obsessing over every little detail in Winsor Smith's impeccable creations. Absolutely divine! Smith has a terrific eye for color, proportion and variety. I hope her cheery spaces will help kick off your weekend to the right start.

All Images Courtesy of Windsor Smith Home

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