Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Grey Skies Call For...

Beautiful, whimsical and inspirational images to uplift our moods (at least for us Seattlites stuck in a constant rain cloud). I am actually a big supporter of the neutral fashion trend this season especially in the grey department--I'm loving all tones--warm and cool. And I am especially a fan of the lilac "tinted" grey colour that is a fabulous wall colour as well as a silk dress hanging delightfully in your closet. Here are a few picturesque images to leave you feeling warm all over, even if the weather doesn't quite give you the same sensation...Here's to having a wonderful Wednesday!

Top Dress by Chloe & Bottom by Day Birger Et Mikkelsen
(Both would be adorable belted with a classic, vintage number)

Such fabulous tones throughout this bedroom (Coco+Kelley)

I'm so into that headpiece, as well as those layered necklaces, I'll take it all!

All Other Images Courtesy of Dress, Design & Decor

Now...if all else fails, warm yourself up with a hot cup of jasmine green tea :)


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