Sunday, November 28, 2010

Serendipitous Discovery

Where do all these gorgeous photographs come from you might ask? The belong to Coliena Rentmeester, the eye behind J.Crew, Anthropologie, Elle and many other big name companies! 
I randomly discovered her portfolio when I was on a graphic designer's website who just had happened to designed Rentmeester's effortlessly chic website. I was instantly drawn to her typography, feminine photography style and creative photo layouts (such great vintage flair).

Moments earlier I had clicked on graphic designer, Alexa McNae's portfolio because she had designed the branding for the cafe I was at...It's times like these that me so grateful for the blog-world and being able to so easily jump from link to link. 

PS: I found a fabulous photography site through Rentmeester--be sure to peep Raybrown for some inspirational fashion styling, as well as this absolutely darling J.Crew video shot in Prague.

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