Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Retail vs Retail Matchup

My equal passion of fashion and interior design always bring me to retail spaces. I love what the architects at  Roger Marvels did with the Kate Spade store in Japan. It's fresh, classic, fun and sophisticated, which is the perfect replication of what the designer is all about! I am loving the classic home structure that is adorned with colorful pinwheels in the backyard but glows at night in the front. Playful and delightful during the day but transforming into a chic sophisticate at night-- similiar to how the garments can translate throughout the day.

On the other hand there is the Vitra home store located between Germany and Switzerland. Vitra also relys on the basic home frame but plays on the idea of stacking and elongating this form. I love how basic the geometry is but how unique and innovative the whole building is. Looking from outside into the interior on the ground level, the view even seems a bit distorted which makes it become even more intriguing upon entry. I applaud both of these designs for taking a simple form and doing something out of the ordinary with it...

Which design are you gravitating towards? The fun and smart Kate Spade boutique or the innovative and modern Vitra home store?

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  1. Oh, that Kate Spade store is just so much fun! xo