Monday, October 4, 2010

British Nostalgia

Still missing London, sometimes so bad it hurts to hear the word or see pictures--like a sharp pang to the heart. Therefore I have been doing a bit of "British" retail therapy to make me feel as if I am still walking around that glorious city. I just indulged in a one of the greatest nail polish shades of all times--mummy by Butter London. As soon as I used it I remember why it I should stop buying $2 nail polish and invest in the more expensive...

Also I am anxiously awaiting the mailbox to receive THE SECOND issue of the gentlewoman magazine. I purchased the first one in Paris at Gar de Nord train station and instantly was drawn to the simplistic and sophisticated cover. It is an empowering magazine to the young and independent women of our generation. Truly top notch! 


  1. hello from london, and thanks for mentioning the gentlewoman magazine. looks really interesting. and upon checking out their website it even turned out that their office is literally around the corner of where I live. I think I have to go look for it right now :o)