Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Lonny Goes to Londontown

I was absolutely thrilled to see designer, Cath Kidston's place featured in this month's issue of Lonnymag.  Cath Kidston was one of my favorite UK discoveries. Kidston is 100% dainty and floral, her bright, cheery prints cover everything from Ipod cases to soaps, luggage, pencils, keychains--the list goes on and on. 

I personally invested in a darling, (as well as heavy-duty) weekend travel bag for all my short European getaways. It will definitely be a piece I will have forever as well as forever remind me of my fabulous adventures!

When I saw Kidston's home, it looked exactly what I would picture it. Heavy uses of red with touches of powder blue accents--just like her logo and her store is designed. She is a definite English icon (similiar to how Vera Bradley is to us and especially of the East Coast style) and I love how here home is nothing less of everything she loves--lots and lots of different floral patterns and bright color! 

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