Thursday, March 11, 2010

Retail Design Finally Completed!

Here are some of my final drawings for my final Retail Design project that I just presented several hours ago. My brain is completely fried and I still need to write a paper, put together a powerpoint and pack for spring break! But I can not get my head out of retail design mode and I really wanted to post my images before I take off jet setting--this is a new technique I used with a combination of CAD floor plans, sketchup and photoshop techniques which was a really fun and refreshing way to portray my perspectives.

Please wish me luck, I am attempting to tackle Florence, Malta, Rome and Barcelona and mostly traveling alone as well as getting back into the U.K. with a new visa! Haha this may or not be a bit of a show but I am so thrilled to be reunited with my dearest friends!! Can't wait to share with you my European adventures in 10 days!

Until then, all my love!

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