Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Simplistic Details

This barn/home has been floating around a lot lately on the internet and I too have particularly drawn to it. Mainly because the home owners weren't afraid to simply use exposed OSB as the dominate material throughout the home. Doesn't get more down to the earth than that, especially when are physically living in the middle of meadow somewhere in Great Britain. Another detail that I  am particularly fond of is the exposed beams and structural details that are involved. If I have learned anything over the last months working in the design field, it is my true love of honest materials & well thought out details which are both impressively apparent in this home. I would happily vacation here sometime in the near future...

Images courtesy of Dwell


  1. this is gorgeous. i love homes like this. not sure if i could live in one though. but i lovee looking at them x

  2. It's wonderful. Love the warm and relaxed feel and the beams...fabulous!!

  3. I love the wood. It is glorious!