Saturday, January 22, 2011

Follow Me to D&F II

Like what you see? Well there's more of this via my D & F tumblr! I finally gave in and wanted to see what all this "Tumblr" jumble was about. I have to say I love the format and how it easy it is to upload images (compared to blogger). 

Nonetheless, I will still be loving on blogspot as well because I think it allows more of your personality to shine through your posts :)

Happy Weekend Everyone!


  1. I do love tumblr and it is great for uploading photos. I love new photos..I am now following you on Tumblr:)

  2. I love your post!
    I still haven't joined with practically the whole world on the Tumblr hype...I probably should I suppose haha!
    I'm so happy I've stumbled across your blog :) It is so inspiring and makes me smile!
    Your newest follower